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Rock Tape

Folsom Chiropractor | Folsom chiropractic Rock Tape |  CA |

Unlike traditional rigid tape, which utelizes compression and immobilization in treatment, Rocktape is elastic and offers a more comfortable alternative for the patient or athlete.  RockTape allows the muscle or joint to continue to move through its full range of motion without losing stability or impeding circulation.  RockTape can assist in injury prevention and rocovery.  RockTape is water resistant and stays on the skin for 3-5 days.  RockTape is hypoallergenic - zinc oxide free.

There are 3 benefits to RockTape:

  1. RockTape helps to lift the skin which helps relieve the pressure associated with the swelling.
  2. Accelerates the bloodflow to the injured area to speed up healing.
  3. RockTape stabilizes the area without restricting movement so you ca remain active.


Here is a comparison without RockTape (on the left) versus the benefits with RockTape (on the right).

Folsom Chiropractor | Folsom chiropractic Rock Tape |  CA |

You can see how RockTape helps lift the skin and accelerates bloodflow which speeds up healing.  Ask about RockTape on your next office visit.  For more information on RockTape or to see demonstartion videos, please visit RockTape.

Folsom Chiropractor | Rock Tape. Dr. David Benevento is a Folsom Chiropractor.