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What is Intelliskin™?

IntelliSkin™ is patent pending technology that stimulates thousands of nerve endings in your skin, which react instantly to specific light tough and pressure and causes an instant muscle reflex-like response that tones and strengthens under-used posture muscles. This technology cues your body to open and lengthen over-used, under stretched muscles which cause poor posture (rounded shoulders and forward head).

Why Intelliskin™?

The PostureCue Technology enhances basic compression to create the industry's first smart apparel. From the moment you put on IntelliSkin™, your posture improves because your body is aligned. IntelliSkin™ Cues your body to instantly tone and strengthen your underused posture muscles while simultaneously opening, relaxing and legnthening your overused and overly tight muscles.

Whose is a canidate for IntelliSkin™?

Everyone can benefit from good posture. Everyone can benefit from wearing IntelliSkin™. Whether you are an athlete, weekend warrior, a busy mom or work at a desk all day long, IntelliSkin™ is for you. Better posture means less back and neck pain, fewer injuries, deeper breathing and more energy throughout the day.

When can I wear IntelliSkin™?

Anytime! Wear it when you are working out, recovering from a workout, traveling or preforming any activity of daily life.

How long should I wear IntelliSkin™?

Wear it as long as you feel comfortable. When you start feeling fatigued, take it off and wear it a bit longer next time. There are different versions of IntelliSkin™ which allow you to wear it throughout the day, or wear one for shorter, more fatiguing bursts.

Here is the different selection of IntelliSkin™ apparel for both men and women. For more details and to check out athletes who wear IntelliSkin™, please visit IntelliSkin™.

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