Exercise Dont's

Exercising is associated with wellness and good health, but sometimes it can be fools gold if not done properly.  The key to exercise is having good form and working the body equally while being efficient.  At Benevento Chiropractic, we have studied and researched the optimal ways to exercise so that you can get the most out of your workouts without doing damage to your body.  Here are a list of potentially injurious exercises:


Traditional sit-ups can cause disc heniations in the low back.

Source: Stewart McGill MD/PhD, University of Waterloo


Crunches can contribute to a slumped posture through muscle shortening.

Source: Eric Cressy, Cressy Performance

Butterfly Machines

The use of butterfly machines puts the shoulder in a position of maximum instability or position of dislocation.

Source: Weight-Lifting for Dummies

Leg Machines

Placing the knee in an open chain where the foot is not contacting the floor places an undue amount of stress on the meniscus.

Source: Exerciseforinjuries.com


Dips can place significant sheering on the shoulder joint the further the arms go behind the torso.

Source: Exerciseforinjuries.com

Standing Exercise

Reversal of the low back curve during standing exercises can cause extensive sheering on the low back.

Source: Stewart McGill MD/PhD, University of Waterloo

Forward Head Posture

Any exercise where the head juts forward from the body can contribute to poor posture.

Source: Rehabilitation of the Spine



If you suffer from any of these injuries, or would like to learn how to properly do exercises to avoid injuries, ask us on your next visit to Benevento Chiropractic!

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